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Northwest Health Specialties' Team


Welcome to NW Health Specialties. We are a group of skilled, compassionate physicians and integrative health practitioners.

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare one patient at a time by listening, learning, caring and truly focusing on your long-term health. Our entire team will work closely together to understand and treat not just your symptoms but the root cause of any ailments or suffering.

With any integrative health practitioner you see at NW Health Specialties you can be assured they will take time with you, think outside the box, carefully evaluate your case and develop a plan specifically tailored to your health needs and goals. We will help you develop a lifestyle to maintain optimal health over the long term with a life full of vitality, energy, and happiness!

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Our team

Dr. Julia Mortlock

Dr. Natalie Hanan

Dr. Angie Elliot

Dr. Lisa Warbrick

Kristi Glaze

Randy Fruchter

Katie Dwaileebe

Dr. Cassi Long

The Northwest Health Specialities Clinic

We listen. We care.
We take the time to get to the root cause.
Your story matters.