Dr. Lisa Warbrick


Dr. Lisa Warbrick

Dr. Lisa is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with additional training in Integrative Mental Health.  She completed her medical training at the National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland Oregon, where she graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Science in Integrative Mental Health.

She approaches healthcare from a holistic, mind-body perspective, incorporating elements of traditional naturopathy, functional medicine and mindfulness.

Her philosophy is that healing is always possible, no matter the starting point and that each person can move towards wellness when the appropriate support is provided.

Dr. Lisa Warbrick, Naturopathic Doctor and Integrative Mental Health Services Vancouver WA

Dr. Lisa Warbrick

Naturopathic Doctor & Integrative Mental Health Vancouver WA

Dr. Lisa strives to provide a compassionate environment for her patients.  She aims to improve patients’ nervous system balance and promote optimal healing. She helps patients identify barriers to their health, removing these where possible, and utilizes various therapeutic tools including nutrition, lifestyle modifications, botanical medicine, nutraceutical prescriptions, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, integrative psychopharmacology, counseling, and mindfulness techniques.

Dr. Lisa works with adolescents and adults to address both physical and mental-emotional conditions including digestive issues, endocrine problems, insomnia, fatigue, concentration difficulties, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. She gets excited working with patients with longstanding health issues which can shift in response to subtle therapeutic changes, illustrating nature’s inherent healing capacity.

Dr. Lisa grew up on the coast of Victoria, Australia, loves the ocean, and appreciates the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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