Cupping Therapy in Vancouver WA

Support circulation and relieve pain

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping is a therapeutic modality used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Medical-grade suction cups are placed on the skin creating suction, which promotes blood flow and tissue healing.

Cupping can be used as a solo treatment or in conjunction with acupuncture or massage therapy to reduce pain and modulate the flow of vital energy, qi, in the body.

How does cupping therapy work?

The cups are suctioned onto the skin and either lightly moved over the muscles and fascia or left in place for 5-20 minutes. The suction creates myofascial release, increased blood and lymphatic flow, and pain relief. When glass cups are used, suction is created with heat and when silicon cups are used the suction is created mechanically.

Cupping therapy is generally very well tolerated, provides relief of muscle tension, and is loved by patients. Temporary redness at the cupping site is common after sessions. In Chinese medical theory, the redness can be indicative of the degree of “blood stagnation” and, in this theory, blood stagnation can cause acute and chronic pain thereby being relieved by cupping therapy.

Cupping Therapy in Vancouver WA
Cupping therapy is an effective complementary treatment
for many conditions including:
  • Muscle pain

  • Injury recovery

  • Migraines

  • Muscle pain

  • Injury recovery

  • Migraines

  • Arthritis

  • Chronic diseases

In addition to pain relief, cupping therapy sessions can provide many health benefits including:

  • Enhanced circulation

  • Improved lymphatic flow

  • Strengthened immune function

  • Enhanced circulation

  • Improved lymphatic flow

  • Strengthened immune function

  • Modulation of inflammation

  • Optimized metabolic function

Are you ready to optimize your health?

If you are interested in experiencing the therapeutic benefits of cupping in Vancouver WA, call Northwest Health Specialties or schedule an appointment here:

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What can I expect at my appointment for cupping therapy in Vancouver WA?

In our health clinic in Vancouver, cupping therapy can be added to your acupuncture or massage therapy treatment. 

Multiple cups will be placed on your body (generally your back), eliciting a gentle suction sensation which is often relaxing. After your session, redness at the cupping site is normal and resolves within several days.

How long is a cupping therapy session?

During cupping therapy, cups can either be gently moved along muscle and fascia for a few minutes during your acupuncture or massage treatment or cups may be left in place for 5-30 minutes. 

What should I wear for cupping therapy at Northwest Health Specialities?

When visiting us at Northwest Health Specialities, wear whatever is comfortable to wear to a medical visit. Loose fitting clothing that can be rolled up may be helpful.  Medical gowns and blankets will always be provided as needed for draping. 

For cupping therapy in Vancouver WA, our patients generally remove their top and lay face down on a massage table for the duration of the treatment. Please note that face masks are required for medical visits.

How many cupping sessions will I need?

Multiple cupping therapy sessions are generally recommended for maximum benefit. Ask your practitioner how many cupping sessions are advised for your specific health goals.

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